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Privacy Policy

The company maintains the highest standard in developing the product. There is complete transparency and every subject is rightly categorized. There is the use of cookies and data used is fully secure with the defined storage and accessibility. The cookies help us in remembering the items present in the shopping cart, as selected by our customers. You are requested to read our privacy policy carefully so that you can fully understand our products and the various facets linked to it.

Value your trust

We value your trust in the products of ‘Babee’. This is the reason, why we maintain top standards in our manufactured products and maintain the secrecy of our customer information. The customer information is never disclosed to a third party. The formulation of the privacy policy has occurred by the Information Technology Act, 2000 ('IT Act'). We are free to change our privacy policy, without giving any prior information.

Personal Information

We make use of personal identifiable information (like name, phone number, email, etc.) while you log-in to our website. You can visit our website and check the product and read the description of the product and the other related information present on the website – but, you have to register at our portal,  while you are purchasing the product. We use your contact details to send you an offer that is exclusively based on your interest and previous orders. The data about your product interest is saved and you are acquainted with the latest updates on your interest areas.

IT Rules

We abide as per the IT Rules and your personal information like password, bank details including debit and credit cards, biometric information, sexual orientation, or any other relevant information – are processes and securely stored. It is not shared with any third party.

Customize your experience

We use your personal information to troubleshoot issues – by and by update you with the offers available, product guidelines, and customize your experience. We use your stored information for sharing beauty tips, which will groom your personality in a very subtle way. We also survey on the occasional basis – seeking your zip code, income, and age – to provide content, as per your need and preference. The other noteworthy features are as follows:

  • The cookies do not retain your personal information.
  • We abide as per the law and disclose information for legal assistance.
  • The grievances of the customers, if any, are addressed on an immediate basis.

Further to add, the information displayed on the website is only explaining products and the various facets linked to it. Here, copying of the content, graphics and the product illustration is prohibited – and any violation will invite severe punishment, including legal action.

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