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Return Cancellation Policy

We put every effort so that you don’t face any issue with the product. But, if you are not happy with the product, you are free to cancel, replace or return the product. This comprises of the following steps.

  • If the product is not shipped, you can cancel your order. The payment made for prepaid order will get credited to your account.
  • We make every effort so that you get the product, similar to, as it is shown on the website. The product might get damaged during transit or due to some unavoidable circumstances; you received the product that is not up to the mark. You can return the product, and payment will be initiated after examining the product.
  • We double-check every item before we go ahead with shipping. But, if you receive a different product, as you ordered on the website, you can return the product, straight away – and we will initiate the process to deliver you the right product at your doorstep.

Further to add, the product will not be replaced, if it is damaged by the misuse, tampered, there is missing serial number, or the product returned is not with the original packing. In all such cases, the payment once made will not be refunded.

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